What’s All this Stuff in the Right Column?

I’m glad you are even asking the question. Let me see if I can help. Before I give a simple explanation, let me say that all of the links are important for two reasons, first they provide information to help you understand the global threat of Islamofascism, and secondly, they will help you comprehend what part you can play in keeping our country strong.

The first category Archives is pretty straight forward. This section simply provides us with archived material and articles from previous months. The next section is Categories. We have only one at the moment. This identifies the type of content in each article. Then you see About Islam. Again this is rather obvious. It’s not about Christianity or Judism, but about Islam. The next section is Ban List. The lead article is all about banks and banking institutions that have agreed to become institutions that are Shariah Law compilant. A certain percentage of their institutional earnings goes directly into Jihad and terrorists activities. For this reason we have labeled them as institutions to be banned.  Next you will see Banking-Islam. This section provides information on their banking procedures and banks, both nationally and internationally that have agreed to become Shariah compliant. The Blogroll category is where you can earn a college degree in Islamofascism if you will simply take advantage of the available information. The next section CA Board of Edu is designed to help you understand the CA educational system and how you might interact with it in a positive way. Finally, you see the Video Library. This last section is worth the entire right column. Here you are provided a visual opportunity to see first hand what has happened and what is being lived out today.


We urge you to click the links, and when you do, you will become a positive activist in ACT! for America.

NEW Global Terrorism Map

This NEW Global Terrorism Map from World Net Daily is updated every 310 seconds! It shows a streaming report of the 30 newest terrorist events. It uses symbols to communicate on the map the type of terrorism that is being reported and they are clickable which takes you to all the back up detail of the report. This is an excellent tool that we should share with everyone we know! Special thanks to our Michigan Chapter Leader that passed this on to us.


Please click on the link called Terrorism Map-Global to the right.