Sharia v. Constitution: A panel discussion Capital Visitor Center Washington, DC Nov. 16, 2010

If you are confused about Islam’s Sharia law, or if you believe that Sharia law has no chance of replacing the U.S. Constitution, then you will profit from this concise and accurate presentation of Islam’s grand plan.

In Sharia v. The Constitution, Mr. Huff’s discussion entitled: “Clear & Present Danger: The Threat to 1st Amendment Rights,” addressed how the implementation of Sharia law’s ban on criticism of Islam and Mohammed would subvert free speech rights both in the U.S. and abroad. Citing numerous case examples, he described how Islamists currently use threats of violence and legal action to silence speech. Copy and paste the following link.

Shocker at Ft. Bragg

When you read this post you can’t help but ask the question, “what ever happened to the separation of Muslim Mosque and State? Read the following and then read the follow-up post, “Don’t Underestimate the Faith of a Child.” These two post clearly demonstrate how political correctness (a misnomer) has become the enemy of America
Enemy Within: A Shocker at Ft. Bragg
Troops Return to Find Military Sanctioned MOSQUE On Base
Source:             Times Examiner
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Published:         Jul 18, 2008
Author:              Bob Dill
Post Date:         2008-07-18 12:40:49
by                     OKCSubmariner
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The main entrance to the Ft. Bragg Mosque located in the Soldier Support Center.

You have just spent a year in Iraq and the day has come to pack your gear and go home. What you have seen and experienced during the past year can only be appreciated by your fellow soldiers. You know it will be virtually impossible to even try to explain what you experienced to your civilian family and friends. The constant heat, the blistering sand, the constant stress of looking and listening for the next shot or explosion and seeing your friends die.

You spent a year in country trying to figure out the Muslims, their religion and trying to stay alive.

Growing up a Christian was pretty easy You went to church on Sundays and sometimes on Wednesday evenings; you tithed and helped your fellow man.

However, this past year has not only made you appreciate your Christian roots,
but it also made you think about the religion of the people who were trying to kill you. On the surface, their religion seemed rather simple to understand.

Unfortunately, you just happen to be the infidel they want to kill.

On the flight back to the states your thoughts turn to going home, seeing family and friends and reporting for duty at Fort Bragg.

The Ft. Bragg Mosque entrance for women. Only men may enter through the main entrance.

The reporting date comes too soon.
You are instructed to report to the Soldier Support Center.
Where is the SoldierSupport Center? you wonder.
Finally, someone tells you: Its in the old Womack Hospital.

As you walk through the seemingly endless corridors of the Soldier Support Center you are startled by a doorway with a sign over it indicating it is a Mosque.

Is this a flashback? This is Ft. Bragg, not Baghdad, you think to yourself.

Your first thoughts are that this must be some type of museum, because no one in the US Army would be stupid enough to allow a mosque in the US Army Soldier Support Center.

This is the place where everyone reports in, where active duty personnel, retired, and dependents get their ID Cards, and register their vehicles.

You are informed that it really is an Islamic mosque. You just spent a year of your life battling the radical Islamic Muslims and the first day back at Ft. Bragg, you literally run into a mosque. What a cruel hoax. What a slap in the face.

What makes the entire absurd scenario more surreal is that the active duty types and civilians who work there are very reluctant to discuss the mosque with strangers.

They fear that expressing their opinions about the mosque in the official US Army facility would be very detrimental to their careers.
Most would like to see it removed from Ft. Bragg. If it can’t be removed, as seems to be the case, then put it in another location on Fort Bragg.

How does a 19 year old soldier, who has spent a year watching his friends fight for their lives and some, killed by radical Muslims, justify in their minds their government locating a mosque in his Soldier Support Center at Ft. Bragg?

WND Exclusive

State Dept. promotes ‘Mosques in America’
Publishes ’09 calendar featuring worship sites for only 1 religion

Posted: July 18, 2008
12:10 am Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily

This now available from the U.S. State Department: “2009 Mosques of America Wall Calendar: Limited Edition for Ramadan.”

“Yep, you read that correctly. It’s ‘perfect for Muslim outreach efforts,” according to a commentary at the Gates of Vienna blog. “Where’s the ACLU on this one?”


Source: Advocates for Faith & Freedom: Published July 2008

Paige Allen, a student at Eagles Peak Charter School in Temecula, California, has the faith of a child bold and unshaken. Last month this ten year old girl was threatened wiht expulsion from her public school for expressing and sharing her faith during the school day.

Paige’s teacher had asked students to write a short statement explaining the good and bad things that happened throughout the day and place them in a jar i in the classroom. Paige, a Christian, often referenced her faith during that sharing time by writing Bible verses she memorized and putting them in the jar. As a result the principal informed Paige she must stop speaking about her faith to her classmates. It is disturbing to hear public school officials attempting to censor a ten year old’s faith; especially when just about every immoral viewpoint is allowed in public schools, as well as, the teaching of Islam and other faiths running rampant in the school system. What an alarming contrast when one considers it was no long ago the Bible in a public school classroom was held in high regards.

Because of her actions in the classroom and on the playground, Paige’s mother, Heather Allen, received an email from the principal that read, “Paige may not evangelize at school. Specifically, Paige may not read Bible verses aloud in class. The good and bad jar (which is the class share time) are for good things that happen during the day, and bad things that happen during the day. It is not for verses or phrases of any kind … Paige may write about her faith in her journal, where she and her teacher can see it.”

Advocates for Faith and Freedom sent a letter to the school demanding that they cease from violating Paige’s First Amendment rights under the United States Constitution. In response to the school’s original letter, which erroneously cited the separation of church and state as justification for its actions, we responded with the following statement: “Freedom of religion is neither retained nor protected by those silencing those who hold sincere their religious beliefs. Before violating another students constitutional rights, please educate yourself regarding the true foundation of this country and how hose who laid that foundation believed freedom to be attained.”

“The day after receiving our letter, the school apologized to Paige and it appears the matter has been resolved.”

What Happened to the Bible in Our Public Schools?

In the early history of our blessed country the Holy Bible was used as a primer, in fact it was the primary source used in the little one room school houses across America. America was educated largely upon the principles of that book. The greatest county in the history of the world was produced because of those principles. Included in that book are the Ten Commandments. America did well for more than 200 years and then we real education. We began to follow Dewey and his educational philosophy, a better way to educate our children. The Bible and prayer were quickly removed. Teachers and school officials are no longer able to administer corporel punishment. Most of our children don’t even know songs like, “My Country Tis of Thee”, and “God Bless America.” As a child I remember well our entire grade school student body would stand at the flag pole (while the flag was begin raised) and sing “God Bless America.”

Today, our children cannot experience what causes children to be proud and thankful to be an American. It has become far more important to be politically correct less we offend someone that doesn’t believe in God, or who has some questions about what it is and means to be an American.

In most American schools children are not able to talk about God. About the only press He gets in our educational system today is when the big test is coming, a little bit like the fox hole thing. All of this ignorance in our education system while Muslims in these same schools are able to trumpet the name of allah until the school bell rings. Even the non Muslims students have Islam curriculum imposed on them, e.g., memorization of the Koran, dressing Muslim apparel. One teacher in California went so far as to give her student a crossword assignment that when completed read, “there is no god but allah!”

As yes, were doing well. I think I understand why children no longer stand around a flag pole each morning and sing “God Bless America.” Who in their right mind could ever believe He would respond. To ask for God’s blessing seems to be an exercise in futility when we have banned Him from the classroom, junked his textbook, and live as though His commandments were never written.

But who is to say that our Replacement Educational Theology isn’t working. Once we got rid of the Man and His Book, we now can glory in an educational system that nationally is dysfunctional. We have children without parents, parents who have never been responsible, a drug epidemic that is eating the heart out of our youth, ghettoes across America that are war zones, and educators who have an impossible job. It really is good to know that we have come all this way by being the best education society in history.

I will give it to the Muslims. They know what they believe and they are committed to their Jihad. They put their money where their mouth is and of course their money comes from their oil we buy. It’s really a wonderful arrangement. They understand it’s not possible to cut off every American head, so they become very bright with so many petrodollars, or is it eurodollars? Saudi Arabia in the past five years has invested more than 70 billion in America, most of which has gone to establish Islam chairs in most of our major colleges and universities. The result, our youth are being hijacked by a theo/political movement that if not stopped will cut the heart out of America. Ah, but in the name of political correctness, we have removed God and His Book from the educational systems, and in that vacuum is flowing a surging wave of militant killers.

THIS is Our Enemy

In this DVD you will hear a young lady asking a question. In her question she refers to MSA. MSA stands for Muslim Student Association. Nearly every major U.S. University has a chapter of the MSA.

If you have had doubts exactly where  many “Moderate” Muslims stand on terrorism, you must do yourself a huge service and watch, and listen, to this video of a live exchange between Dr. David Horowitz and a “Moderate Muslim” student at the  University of  California in  San Diego. Listen to her answer when he finally forces her at the end to answer his question as to whether or not she supports terrorism. Then do this nation a huge service and pass this on to everyone on your email address list, urging them to do the same.  THE ALARM CLOCK IS RINGING!!!!.

This university student is not an isolated individual. She is one of thousands in our colleges and universities who are members of MSA on campuses across America. Do you have the courage to find out who they are and what their real agenda is. If you need assistance in finding instructive material, I will be happy to help.

Let me be clear, not all Muslim students are radicals and members of the MSA, but many have become radicalized seeking to destroy the very free expression of thought that provides them the freedom to express their views.  In many of our universities there are innocent Muslim students today that become radical terrorist tomorrow.