Letter to a Friend that just Dropped off the Far Left Precepice

Recently I received a note from a dear life long friend who lives on the left edge of insanity. She attached with her note what she described as a Great Ad from MoveOn.org. The following is my response and for the sake of privacy her name has been changed.

Hi Beth, yes I’ve seen this piece. I am open to civil discourse but I’m not interested the following radical groups, to name just the most egregious:

The Tides Foundation and Tides Center would be at the top of my list only because they provide substantial funds to those on the hard left.

Environmental Extremist Groups

  • The Ruckus Society
  • The California Wildlands Project
  • The Natural Resources Defense Council
  • MoveOn.org
  • The National Lawyers Guild,
  • The Tides foundation
  • The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • Greenpeace
Anti-Terrorist Groups
  • The Iraq Peace Fund and the Peace Strategies Fund
  • MoveOn.org and the radical website Indymedia
  • United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ)

Islamic Groups (more than hundreds)

  • Council for American Islamic elations (CAIR)
  • Democratic Justice Fund (DJF)
  • Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee
Radical Legal Groups
  • The National Lawyers guild (NLG)
  • The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
  • ACLU
Voter Fraud Groups
  • Acorn

Everyone of these groups have many things in common, but one of interest, they are all funded by The Tides entities.

These groups are running high powered well financed scams. Their donors need to be held accountable for their actions. It is extremely hypocritical for individuals and foundations whose wealth is due to America’s free enterprise system to support causes that seek to destroy our way of life, your life.

If you’ve ever heard the clique “Limousine Liberal,” this is a perfect description for these people.

Four of its largest supporters are:

  • The Heinz Endowment, led by John Kerry’s wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry
  • George Soros
  • Ford Foundation
  • Rockefeller Foundation

These four main sources of funding for the Tides entities. Clearly there are many more that could be added to this list.

Bottom line … I have no interest in these groups whose primary purpose is to destroy America from within. They are, with rare exception, Marxist socialist seeking to remove your individual freedoms and remake America into something worst than current European states that our forefathers could not even recognize. Beth, you have a good mind. In my view it’s tragic that it has become filled with lies about and contempt for America from these groups that would like to see the freedom and greatness of this country slip into oblivion.

At the moment you are playing with the winning side. These groups and Obama are moving this country rapidly to the brink. The Supreme Court has one chance to change Obama’s massive folly (health care), if they don’t the congress may have that chance depending on the November elections. And if neither of those scenarios happen, you will not know the country that has provided you and every other citizen, immigrate, legal and illegal opportunities beyond anything one might have imagined. Before you bow at the altar of your friends on the left, ask yourself a simple question, “why have people and why are imigrents risking their lives to get into this country?” Did it ever occur to you that others from the outside are thinking this is a pretty good place. The last thing America needs is more “Hope and Change.”

So please, especially since we are moving into a turbulent political time, if you have propaganda from these groups or those who sleep with them in bed, save it, I’m really not interested, and I will do the same for you. You need to understand this has nothing to do with how I think of you and care for you.

I don’t stop loving people because they see things differently politically, but I would not want you to feel that I am one you could pray for and somehow miraculously I would embrace what I consider to be evil. Your a dear friend, keep fighting for what you believe in and know I will do the same.

If you seriously care to be informed about Who Funds The Radical Left In America, then simply click this link.

Note: The next post will provide some insight on the massive perks the president has provided Islam, while slamming people of faith and our military.