Obama and the Catholic Church

There are many things that I find uncomfortable with the Roman Catholic Church, however  the Catholic Church in America is a major roadblock in Obama’s quest to bring complete Socialism to the United States of America.

This video explains why Obama and his minions must “divide and conquer” the Catholic Church, and Christians whatever the flavor. If you are Catholic, you need to watch this video. If not, you should see it anyway. The issues on which the Roman Church has taken a stand are issues most Christians could aggressively embrace.

The administration would like for us to understand their interpretation of “seperation of church and state,” but this video shows how the state is imposing it’s will on the church, not what the founding fathers had in mind. See Obama and the Catholic Church here.

Obama on European TV

George W. Bush was not known for his oratory. We remember how he became the fodder for the so called purveyors of comedy.

When Obama took the reins of government, the left fell over their own tongues praising how comfortable this new president was before the cameras. The truth is, this president is unable to function without a script or a teleprompter. Also, he would be well advised to find a couple of new speech writers

This clip is what is being shown on European TV. Not only is this president a disgrace to the office and this country, but he has become the laughing stock of the world.

Click here for Obama on European TV.