Going Out Of Business!

No two states are bigger rivals and provide a starker contrast of policy than California and Texas. Check out this great video below that shows, in plain terms, the massive disparity of fortunes, how Texas is winning and California is loosing. Is it possible that the success of Texas can be contributed to a zero state tax, a welcoming policy to businesses from states like California who has one of the highest corporate and state tax rates?

In 1968 I became the lead pastor of a congregation in the Antelope Valley, CA. Burt Rutan attended that congregation in the late 60’s. Burt is perhaps the most significant engineer and aerospace innovator of our time. Rutan’s work makes the future of ¬†Xcor Aerospace possible. Listen to Bill Whittle as he tells the story of Xcor, just one of thousands of companies moving from California to Texas.

Follow the link below to watch the video: