7 Common Careers Christians May No Longer Hold in America

For years Michael Brown sounded the alarm about an impending social, cultural and spiritual crisis, and for years critics have compared him to Chicken Little, discounting his warnings as the ravings of a hysterical, religious fundamentalist. Well, it’s a little late for that now.

Ten years ago, he charted this progression and made this prediction:

  • First, gay activists came out of the closet.
  • Second, they demanded their “rights.”
  • Third, they demanded that everyone recognize those “rights.”
  • Fourth, they want to strip away the rights of those who oppose them.
  • Fifth, they want to put those who oppose their “rights” into the closet.
  • From here on, embracing diversity refers to embracing all kinds of sexual orientation, (homo)sexual expression and gender identification but rejects every kind of religious or moral conviction that does not embrace these orientations, expressions and identifications.
  • From here on, hate refers to any attitude, thought or word that differs with the gay agenda, while gays are virtually exempt from the charge of hate speech—no matter how vile and incendiary the rhetoric—since they are always the (perceived) victims and never the victimizers.
  • Children in elementary schools will be exposed to the rightness and complete normality of homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender expression, and opposing views will be branded as dangerous and homophobic, to be silenced and excluded from the classroom.

Initially, Brown was met with scorn and derision: “No one wants to put you in the closet!”

The last few years, the tone has changed to “Bigots like you belong in the closet!”

Brown states, “I hate to say it, but I told you so.”

What first appeared to be the LGBT seeking rights within the culture, is now a very successful effort to change the culture and laws. If you oppose their views your rights have completely removed and supported by law.

Many Christians choose self-employed careers because they want to be able to run their business according to the dictates of their faith and conscience.

That list is quickly shrinking as homosexuals pro-actively seek opportunities to wreck the personal business and career of any Christian who declines to support the gay lifestyle.

Don’t be fooled. This is a focused effort to ostracize and humiliate faith-based businesses and their owners. Here are a few recent examples:

  • Photography – A Christian photographer in New Mexico was fined $6700 for politely declining to photograph a lesbian commitment ceremony. The Supreme Court allowed this fine to stand.
  • Baker – A Christian baker in Oregon is facing both civil and criminal penalties, including jail time, for politely declining to bake a cake for a gay wedding ceremony. Her business has closed.
  • FloristBaronelle Stutzman, a Christian florist in Washington, is being sued by the state attorney general for politely declining to prepare an arrangement for a gay wedding ceremony.
  • Broadcasting – Craig James was fired by Fox Sports Southwest after only one day on the job for expressing his support for natural marriage while he was a candidate for the United States Senate.
  • Counseling – Jennifer Keeton was dismissed from the counseling program at Augusta State University for her religious reservations about the homosexual lifestyle.
  • Innkeeping – The Wildflower Inn in Vermont was fined $30,000 and forced to shut down its wedding reception business after politely declining to host a lesbian ceremony.
  • Teaching – Ms. Gillian John-Charles was kicked out of a doctoral program in education at Roosevelt University for expressing in class her belief that homosexuals aren’t born gay.

What you can do about it…iphone_app

There are a number of available resources for information that enables you to quickly and effectively engage our culture when individuals come under attack from homosexual aggression because of their convictions. This is not about denying rights to homosexuals. It is about the LGBT denying rights to others who do not share their views and lifestyle

AFA provides an app for both the iPhone/Pad and Android devices. With these AFA Action Alert apps, you will get their alerts and be able to take whatever action you feel appropriate.

You can join us now by downloading the AFA Action Alert App on your handheld or mobile device.

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