Dabo Swinney and Clemson Must Be Made to Care

Clemson-1-1144x834The Clemson Tigers ended their 2015 season 14-1 and with a bowl game win against the Oklahoma Sooners to boot. Their BCS game against Alabama was a memorable one with each teams’ players handling the outcome with the utmost class. But off the field, Coach Dabo Swinney and other Christians on the team face a much more tenacious opponent.

The litigious-loving Leftist group, The Freedom From Religion Foundation, has found fault with Clemson’s football program saying it is too faith-based.

They claim that Swinney’s Christian faith, expressed through prayer with his players, church day events, and chaplaincy program is a breach of the US Constitution.

FFRF hopes to bring a lawsuit against the university (if they could only find a student who thought it was a problem) with the goal of coercing the university to, as staff attorney Patrick Elliott explained, “monitor” religious activity in the program.

Yes that’s what we need in America. More monitoring of our religious beliefs.

This is not the first time this organization has raised a complaint against Clemson and Swinney, who has been open about his Christian faith. They tried to raise a fuss in 2014, as well.

Swinney’s response was all grace but without apology: “We weren’t doing anything (wrong.) Ain’t nothing to change. People have just got to be who they are, it’s that simple. We’ve never tried to force anything on anybody. Everybody who comes here to Clemson knows who we are as people. There’s no surprises in that regard.”

And here I thought the Left was all about letting people be their authentic selves.

You know, like Bruce Jenner.


Clemson and Swinney are not the only colleges being accused of shoving faith on their students.

Both Alabama and Auburn received a similar complaint from FFRF condemning their chaplaincy programs as unconstitutional, saying the schools fail to “properly protect your student athletes’ rights of conscience and pose(s) a high degree risk of discrimination.”

Auburn President Goge responded that the school’s chaplain works on a volunteer basis and that he was in no way an employee of the school.

But FFRF objected not simply to the appearance of a clergyman on staff but to Christian interaction with the team in general:

It makes no difference if the chaplain is unofficial, not school-sponsored, or a volunteer, because chaplains are given access to the team as a means for coaches to impose religion, usually Christianity, on their players.

What about the atheistic professors on college campuses across America who are given access to proselytize students each and every day in their classrooms? Shouldn’t students be free from religious coercion there, as well?

The FFRF have flown their true colors. They are, in fact a religious organization themselves.

They don’t really want freedom from religion. They only want us to be free of all religion save their own—progressive secularism.

Erick and I address this problem in the new book You Will Be Made to Care: The War on Faith, Family, and Your Freedom to Believe (You can apply to join the launch team now!) and share more stories of how progressives are discriminating against truth on campus.

Secularism is a religion, the anti-religion religion.

And it is the secularists on the Left who are seeking to impose their faith on Christians and the students at Clemson and universities across America, not the other way around.

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