Hillary’s and the Democrats’ ‘War on Children’

Posted on December 31, 2015 by Wayne Allyn Root

Hello and goodbye. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®. And this is my final column for Personal Liberty®. I greatly appreciate all of my friends and fans from my four wonderful years here. It’s ironic and telling that my final column comes on the eve of New Year’s 2016 because 2016 is our last stand. It’s the most important year in our country’s history.

After what Barack Obama has done to damage America, I fear the window is closing fast. I don’t believe America can be saved if a Democrat like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders follows Obama in the White House. Either we take back the White House; repeal and replace Obamacare; stop the madness of climate change/green energy; stop the EPA dead in its tracks; undo all the onerous regulations put into place by Obama; build a wall and secure the border; stop the madness of importing Syrian refugees to America; and dramatically lower taxes, spending and debt, or America is lost forever.

If the GOP doesn’t win the White House on Nov. 8, the very next day we need to all be thinking of where to go and what to do to protect our families, our incomes, our assets, our children’s future. It’s time for “Escape From America.”

It sounds like the title of a fictional horror film, except this time it’s real. Every friend I have with substantial assets to protect is already making plans either to leave or to obtain dual citizenship. The preparations have begun for smart people with the resources.

Today’s column is about the campaign theme that the GOP presidential candidate must use to win the 2016 election. This is the theme that can save our country and our children’s future. If Republicans don’t use it 24/7 from now until the election in November, they should be prosecuted for gross negligence. Their only defense would be insanity. I call this theme the Democrats’ “war on children.”

Democrats understand marketing and branding so much better than Republicans. Obama, Hillary and Bernie always take a page right out of their favorite playbook, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals,” by declaring a “Republican war on women.” It’s all Hillary talks about. It will most certainly be the theme her 2016 campaign is built around.

Sadly, Republicans are cowards afraid of their own shadows. Democrats trot out “the race card” and the “you hate women card” again and again. The GOP responds by playing defense and running scared.

It’s the reason I’m a big fan of Donald Trump. He doesn’t play that game. He isn’t afraid of anyone. He doesn’t apologize or play on defense. He plays on offense. He’s in your face. He tells the truth and lets the chips fall where they may — no matter how offensive or politically incorrect. He plays to win. 

Donald understands that we need to be relentless to make America great again and to make America safe again.

It’s time for all Republicans to learn from Trump. It’s time to fight fire with fire. It’s time to throw out all the gentlemen’s rules because we’re not fighting gentlemen. We’re fighting liars and frauds out to destroy America and steal our children’s future. We can’t afford to “play nice.” It’s time to put Democrats on the defensive.

Democrats understand the marketing and branding power of using emotional hooks like “the war on women.” Well, two can play at that game. It’s time to use an emotional hook of our own. The difference is this one isn’t made up. It’s time to point out that the real war is the Democrats’ “war on children.”

The war on children starts in the womb. Hillary and her ilk don’t hesitate to kill children in the womb. No point in a woman’s pregnancy is too extreme. No limit to abortion is acceptable. Not even ripping a child to pieces with partial birth abortion is too extreme for Hillary and the Democrats. Not even the harvesting and sale of organs from innocent fetuses by Planned Parenthood is too extreme.

And anyone who tries to point out these extreme examples of murder or torture upon children, anyone who champions or defends children who cannot speak for themselves, is immediately slandered and labeled as “extreme” or “an enemy of women.”

Well-meaning people can have legitimate disagreements about whether or not life begins at the moment of conception. But surely only radical extremists would argue that after five months or more, a fully formed fetus with a beating heart is not a child. Surely only radical extremists would defend the harvesting of organs from dead babies.

But this is only the start of Hillary’s and the Democrats’ war on children. The children who survive are then consigned to government schools where they are kept marginally ignorant, taught to always obey authority and show loyalty to government, and taught it’s OK to be dependent upon government. The brainwashing begins young, starting with free breakfasts and lunch provided by government. Parents no longer take care of the most basic of responsibilities: feeding their children. Can you imagine? Moms and dads are no longer capable of making breakfast for their children. Government schools teach kids to expect breakfast, lunch and now even a backpack filled with food to take home for the weekend. Big Brother now provides your meals, not mom or dad.

These same government schools have outlawed being a boy, labeling the actual signs of masculinity as “Attention Deficit Disorder” and drugging boys because they act like boys. Not to mention the more boys they count as “disabled” the more money the school gets from the federal government.

These same government schools teach our children to be sheep. They are discouraged from thinking for themselves, taught that competition in all forms (but especially in business and the workplace) is bad, and rewarded with a trophy if they simply show up.

What does this lead to? A future taking orders from a manager at a fast food restaurant, or a future sitting home watching cartoons and Jerry Springer while waiting for a welfare check in the mail. But of course, this is how you create future loyal Democratic voters.

Perhaps worst of all is that for many years now our schools have been keeping America’s schoolchildren ignorant about basic economics. Our children are never taught in school (and the mainstream media keeps it well hidden, too) the numbers $164,000 and $8,200: $164,000 is the current federal debt each American family of four owes; and $8,200 is the amount, at 5 percent interest, you are paying on that debt each and every year.

No one teach our children that this debt will destroy their future and rip their hopes and dreams to shreds. No one teaches our children why the debt keeps growing: to keep progressive politicians in office for life and line the pockets of the political class.

This government spending and debt machine is at the heart of the Democrats’ war on children, and the day of reckoning is fast approaching.

If you have any doubt about a day of reckoning and what it might look like, all you need do is look at Greece. That bankrupt, broken country proves that debt is a poison, a dream killer, the death of a nation.

But we can look closer to home to see even more proof. Just study Detroit, a city under 100 percent Democratic control for well over 50 years. The last Republican mayor of Detroit left office in 1962. Ruled for half a century by the same policies and leftist agenda of Obama, Hillary and Bernie, Detroit is a bankrupt broken cesspool of murder, violence, crushing poverty, broken street lights, abandoned buildings and taxes so high everyone with any assets has left. Both Greece and Detroit are places that prove the Democrats’ war on children is brutal and real.

So setting aside abortion, you mean a place where children can’t walk the streets without risking shootings, rape or murder is not a war on children?

You man a place where children are almost guaranteed to never get a solid education, never find a good job, and rely on food stamps and welfare for life isn’t a war on children?

You mean a place where almost no child has a father in the home isn’t a war on children?

You mean a place where your environment is abandoned buildings, broken street lamps and drug dealers’ owning the streets isn’t a war on children?

You mean a place where a child is more likely to wind up in prison than college isn’t a war on children?

Again, let me stress, only Democrats and their policies and progressive agenda have created this brutal environment. Only Democrats like Obama, Hillary and Bernie have been in power and control of Detroit since 1962. And don’t forget the party that ran Greece into the ground was called the “Socialist Party.”

It’s always liberals, leftists, progressives and socialists who lead a war on children.

So let’s stop talking about a made-up war on women. It is only meant to distract. The GOP must start talking about the real war: Hillary Clinton’s and the Democrats’ war on children.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®. This is my final column here. I want to thank you all for reading and commenting on my columns for four wonderful years. I hope you’ll continue to watch my videos and read my columns at my personal website, ROOTforAmerica.com. Because that’s what my life is dedicated to: I root for America. I’m Wayne Allyn Root. God bless you. God bless America. And Happy New Year 2016, the year we take back our great country!

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