Did Bill Bennett Really Write this In Support of Donald Trump?

A very dear and respected friend picked up an article allegedly written by the much-threspected Bill Bennett, former Secretary of Education in the Reagan Administration, which turns out he is not the author. Bloggers and writers are doing today exactly what people did during the first century. They would write letters and then put the name of a well-respected individual in order to give it credibility and to compete with real writers and genuine letters that would one day become our Holy Bible. When the early church councils and fathers determined what books to include in the Bible, this was one of the first things they looked for. Any book not written by the author ascribed was automatically set aside. This letter allegedly written by Bill Bennett is such a post. It is fallacious without credibility.

The following note and attachments I shared with my fiend. She honestly wants to make the right decision and wondered since the pot is being radically stirred, how can one know whom to vote for? This is my response.

“This is not something just hitting the web. It came from an essay in Nov. 14, 2015 and Bill Bennett had nothing to do with it. We have to be very careful what we read on the web and especially when it doesn’t sound like it came from the attributed writer. Having heard Bennett speak about the Trump’s run, I said to myself, “This can’t be from the Bennett I’ve respected and followed most of his career.” So I did what I usually do when I see something like this come across my screen, I check it with the fact checkers, in this case TruthorFiction.com. If you go to https://www.truthorfiction.com/bill-bennett-theyd-kill-trump-before-they-let-him-be-president/ you will get the truth on this phony piece.

In the beginning I was leaning toward Trump, but the more I listen to his litany of non policy statements and absolute melt downs, e.g., the last debate on Thursday, there is no way I could vote for him in the primaries since we have at least four other candidates that understand and practice Christian values and in my mind have a better chance of beating Hillary in the General. If it comes down to Hillary vs. Trump, I will vote for Trump, but that tells you how strongly I feel about the Clintons and where the Democratic party has gone in leaving planet earth. The Republican party may be no better, but they have candidates running with integrity and character.

Let me invite and encourage you read the next two brief post that follows this one.  The first two articles are written by people I respect and who actually wrote the articles. I have many articles written by people we all respect that are falling on their faces to become Trump supporters. They may be impressive to you. But for all of Trumps lack of humility and business accomplishments, some to be admired and some very questionable, let me share with you just one piece written by a very right of the center politician and who happens to be a Christian not because he waves a Bible and then grossly misquotes it, but because like the other four remaining candidates are Christians as evidenced by their lives and behavior. If values mean anything, you will want to read the following, How Much Must We Compromise Our Values?” And then don’t miss the final link below!

I am not suggesting that the litmus test for candidates is that they must be a born-again believer (that would help until someone reminds us of the peanut farmer), but I am suggesting that a person cannot lie in order to be compatible with the circumstances and people he is with at the time. So if I am wrong in my assessment of The Donald, I pray for handwriting on the wall, a bolt of lightening or any other minor event that might be convincing. Until that happens, I pray for God’s will for the sake of our country,”


P.S. I’m confident you feel you are overloaded now, but if you are dedicated in your search to find the truth about candidates, then the following will be more important than anything above. See Steve Berman’s

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