Iraqi Journalist Dispels Myth that ISIS Has No Ties to Islam

Bridgett Gabriel founder of Act For America has explained, the common thread of Islāmic terror groups is that they “drink their Islam straight,” a concept so critical to understanding the mindset of jihadists that I devote an entire chapter to it, in my New York Times Best Seller, “They Must Be Stopped”.

In the IPT article below, Iraqi journalist Fadel Boula addresses this very issue, challenging the claim by many (including President Obama) that jihadi organizations like the Islāmic State (ISIS) have no relationship to Islam. The jihadist of today is literally following the teachings of the Koran — emulating both the words and actions of the Prophet Muhammad.

Iraqi journalist Fadel Boula challenged the claim that the Islāmic State (ISIS) and other jihadi organizations have no relationship to Islam, in an article featured in Iraq’s Al-Akhbar newspaper and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Boula argued that these terrorist organizations follow a radical Salafi ideology and believe their objectives coincide with Allah’s will and the core tenets of Islam.

“Since its inception, this movement of terror has espoused a Salafi ideology that champions religious extremism, and brainwashed people of all ages have rallied around its flag, [people who were] trained to kill themselves and kill others in order to attain martyrdom,” Boula wrote in the November article, “Does Terror Truly Have No Religion?”

Scholars and observers in the West frequently discount the role of religion when analyzing Islamist terrorist organizations, claiming that religion is simply evoked to galvanize supporters as a means for political ends. That overlooks the firm belief in radical interpretations of Islam shared by the leaders and the rank-and-file within these terrorist movements. They often use political means to achieve religious objectives.

“The terror that is shaking the world today is not a natural disaster like a tornado, a thunderstorm or an earthquake, and it is not perpetrated by savage tribes,” Boula wrote. “It is perpetrated by people who enlist [because they are] inspired by a religious ideology. [These people] advocate enforcing and spreading [this ideology as a set of] dogmatic principles that must be imposed by the force of the sword, and which [mandate] killing, expulsion and destruction wherever they go.”

He described how early ISIS expansion throughout Syria and Iraq emulated pre-modern Islamic conquests.

“The invaders attacked the populace of Mosul and eastern Syria, arrested them by the hundreds, and took a sword to their necks, and later singled out the Christians among them and offered them two options: either convert to Islam or pay the poll tax, as happened to their forefathers when the Arabs attacked their lands in the days of the Caliph ‘Umar Al-Khattab [583-644 AD]. When [the Christians] rejected this humiliation, [ISIS] seized their property, expelled them from their historic home, the province of Ninveh, and sent them to wander destitute under the skies, seeking rescue and safety.”

Some Western leaders, including President Obama and his administration, continue to pretend that ISIS is “not Islamic.” However, a basic understanding of ISIS’ Salafi origins and inspirations confirms that the terrorist organization and its affiliates maintain religious and political objectives that are rooted in extremist interpretations of Islam.

Chris Kyle – A Man From A Different Time

For those who may not know, here are a list of Chris Kyle’s awards.

•  2 Silver Stars with Combat Valor
•  5 Bronze Stars with Combat Valor
•  Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with Combat Valor…
•  2 Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals with Combat Valor
•  2 Combat Action Ribbons
•  Navy Presidential Unit Citation
•  Joint Meritorious Unit Award
•  Navy Unit Commendation
•  Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation
•  Navy Good Conduct Medal with 2 Service Star
•  National Defense Service Medal
•  Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
•  Iraq Campaign Medal with 4 Campaign Stars
•  Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
•  Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
•  Sea Service Deployment Ribbon with 3 Service Stars
•  Rifle Marksmanship Medal
•  Pistol Marksmanship Medal
•  United States Navy SEALs Insignia

Here is a description of his funeral, definitely worth reading:

Christ Kyle

This is apparently from a wife of one of the Navy Seals in attendance… it makes interesting, disturbing, but hardly surprising reading.

Chris Kyle became the US armed services number #1 sniper of all time. Not something he was happy about, other than the fact that in so doing, he saved a lot of lives.

Three years ago, his wife Taya asked him to leave the SEAL teams because he had a huge bounty on his head by Al Qaeda. He did and wrote the book “The American Sniper” and 100% of the proceeds from the book went to two of the SEAL families who had lost their sons in Iraq .

That was the kind of guy Chris was. He formed a company in Dallas to train military, police and I think firemen, how to protect themselves in difficult situations. He also formed a foundation to work with military people suffering from PTSD. Chris was a giver not a taker. He, along with a friend and neighbour, Chad Littlefield, were murdered trying to help a young man that had served six months in Iraq and claimed to have PTSD.

Now I need to tell you about all of the blessings.

Southwest Airlines flew in any SEAL and their family from any airport to the funeral… free of charge. The employees donated buddy passes and one lady worked for four days without much of a break to see that it happened. Volunteers were at both airports in Dallas to drive them to the hotel.

The Marriott Hotel reduced their rates to $45 a night and cleared the hotel for only SEAL’s and family.

The Midlothian, TX Police Department paid the $45 a night for each room. I would guess there were about 200 people staying at the hotel, 100 of them were SEALs.

Two large buses were chartered (an unknown donor paid the bill) to transport people to the different events and they also had a few rental cars (donated).

The police and secret service were on duty 24 hours during the stay at our hotel.

At the Kyle house, the Texas DPS parked a large motor home in front to block the view from reporters. It remained there the entire five days for the SEALs to meet in and so they could use the restroom there instead of the bathroom in the house.

Taya, their two small children and both sets of parents were staying in the home. Only a hand full of SEALS went into the home as they had different duties and meetings were held sometimes on an hourly basis.
It was a huge coördination of many different events and security. Derek was assigned to be a Pall Bearer, to escort Chris’ body when it was transferred from the Midlothian Funeral Home to the Arlington Funeral Home, and to be with Taya. A tough job. Taya seldom came out of her bedroom. The house was full with people from the church and other family members that would come each day to help. I spent one morning in a bedroom with Chris’ mom and the next morning with Chad Littlefield’s parents (the other man murdered with Chris). A tough job.

George W. Bush and his wife Laura, met and talked to everyone on the Seal Team one on one. They went behind closed doors with Taya for quite a while. They had prayer with us all. You can tell when people were sincere and caring.

Nolan Ryan sent his cooking team, a huge grill and lots of steaks, chicken and hamburgers. They set up in the front yard and fed people all day long including the 200 SEALs and their families.

The next day a local BBQ restaurant set up a buffet in front of the house and fed all once again. Food was plentiful and all were taken care of. The  kept those inside the house well fed.

Jerry Jones, the man everyone loves to hate, was a rock star. His wife and he were just making sure everyone was taken care of….Class… He donated the use of Cowboy Stadium for the services because so many wanted to attend. The charter buses transported us to the stadium on Monday at 10:30 am. Every car, bus, motorcycle was searched with bomb dogs and police. I am not sure if kooks were making threats trying to make a name for themselves or if so many SEALS in one place was a security risk, I don’t know. We willingly obliged. No purses went into the stadium!

We were taken to The Legends room high up and a large buffet was available. That was for about 300 people. We were growing. A Medal of Honor recipient was there, lots of secret service and police and Sarah Palin and her husband. She looked nice, this was a very formal military service.

The service started at 1:00 pm and when we were escorted onto the field I was shocked. We heard that about 10,000 people had come to attend also. They were seated in the stadium seats behind us.

It was a beautiful and emotional service. The Bagpipe and drum corps were wonderful and the Texas A&M men’s choir stood through the entire service and sang right at the end. We were all in tears.

The next day was the 200-mile procession from Midlothian , TX to Austin for burial. It was a cold, drizzly, windy day, but the people were out.

We had dozens of police motorcycles riders, freedom riders, five chartered buses and lots of cars. You had to have a pass to be in the procession and still it was huge.

Two helicopters circled the procession with snipers sitting out the side door for protection.

It was the longest funeral procession ever in the state of Texas. People were everywhere. The entire route was shut down ahead of us, the people were lined up on the side of the road the entire way.

Firemen were down on one knee, police officers were holding their hats over their hearts, children waving flags, veterans saluting as we went by.

Every bridge had fire trucks with large flags displayed from their tall ladders, people all along the entire 200 miles were standing in the cold weather. It was so heart warming. Taya rode in the hearse with Chris’ body so Derek rode the route with us. I was so grateful to have that time with him.

The service was at Texas National Cemetery. Very few are buried there and you have to apply to get in. It is like people from the Civil War, Medal of Honour winners, a few from the Alamo and all the historical people of Texas .

It was a nice service and the Freedom Riders surrounded the outside of the entire cemetery to keep the crazy church people from Kansas that protest at military funerals away from us.

Each SEAL put his Trident (metal SEAL badge) on the top of Chris’ casket, one at a time. A lot hit it in with one blow. Derek was the only one to take four taps to put his in and it was almost like he was caressing it as he did it.

Another tearful moment.

After the service Governor Rick Perry and his wife, Anita , invited us to the governor’s mansion. She stood at the door, greeted each of us individually, and gave each of the SEALs a coin of Texas . She was a sincere, compassionate, and gracious hostess. We were able to tour the ground floor and then went into the garden for beverages and BBQ. So many of the Seal team guys said that after they get out they are moving to Texas.

They remarked that they had never felt so much love and hospitality. The charter buses then took the guys to the airport to catch their returning flights. Derek just now called and after a 20 hours flight he is back in his spot, in a dangerous land on the other side of the world, protecting America.

We just wanted to share with you, the events of a quite emotional, but blessed week.”

To this day, no one in the White House has ever acknowledged Chris Kyle; his service, his death, his duty, his generosity, his caring, his life.

However, the President can call a sports person and congratulate him on his bravery for announcing to the world that he is gay.

He can say on national television that someone, a man who has committed a crime and was shot by police in the line of duty, would have made him a good son.

The SEALS have asked that you please, keep this moving if you think Chris Kyle would have made a good son.

Hope and Change – “Making America Weak Again”

A little more than seven years ago the fledgling political operative out of Chicago, stormed the country  with his captivating mantra of “Hope and Change.” It captivated the masses, and history records his grand parade to the White House. After seven years of his administration there has been enormous change, but little real hope. Of course he could never have won on a campaign slogan that is far more accurate in describing his rule as a monarch, “Making America Weak Again.”

As a young cleric serving the people of a great church, I remember so well John Harvey a great patriot. As a member of the Birch Society, his passion in life was to education his pastor about the present and what he believed was the inevitable decline of America as a super power and peace broker in the world. In the sixties and seventies I considered the Birchers to be a group of people who seemed to be the prophets of doom and gloom. They seem to find little right and much wrong with our political system. At that time in my life I did not take my friend seriously, I do now.

Many years have passed and John is now with the Lord he loved. I have not forgotten our long conversations as we would drive from the Antelope Valley to Bishop California, always with the intention of doing just a little more work on that unfinished cabin.

I never became a Bircher, however because of those conversations with my friend, I  developed what I felt was a healthy ability to question the unhealthy policies, presidential executive orders, the work of our congress and etc. I also became very pro active in a couple of organizations that endeavor to make America great again long before Donald Trump embedded that as his presidential slogan.

Act for American is one of those organizations I believe is providing Americans information about radical Islam that is not available anywhere. What you read below is not from their website, however they and others could very well make these statements and raising these questions.

Like most in American who consider themselves “concerned” citizens we don’t want to be identified with any fringe or “radical” group that declares our president is a Muslim. After all aren’t these people nuts and radicals themselves for even rasing such a thought We think of people in this group much like I thought of my Bircher friend. They are for the most part good people but out of touch with reality.

While I’m not willing to make such a statement about our president (that he is a Muslim), there have been shifts in our culture, policy changes, and presidential executive orders that by design appear to make America weak like in the early years of our history. We might ask the following questions about the product of his administration and see where that leads us.

Has everyone lost their ability to see what is happening in the USA? Think America! Before Obama, there was virtually no visible presence
of Islam in America.

All of a sudden, Islam is taught in schools

All of a sudden, we must allow prayer rugs everywhere and allow for Islāmic prayer in schools and businesses.

All of a sudden, we must stop serving pork in public places and institutions.

All of a sudden, we are inundated with law suits by Muslims who are offended by America. (For God’s sake, they are IN America)

All of a sudden, we must allow burkas to be worn everywhere even though you have no idea who is covered up under them.

All of a sudden, Muslim training compounds are popping up throughout the USA.

All of a sudden, Muslims are suing employers for being expected to do their jobs.

All of a sudden, all of our aircraft carriers are recalled for maintenance by Obama rendering the Atlantic unsupported.

All of a sudden, our troops are withdrawn from the middle east.

All of a sudden, there is no money for American poor, disabled veterans, jobless Americans, hungry Americans, or displaced Americans,
but there is endless money for Obama’s refugee programs.

All of a sudden, Obama fills the Federal Government with Muslims in key positions.

All of a sudden, there is an ammunition shortage in the USA.

All of a sudden, Americans are threatened by the Federal government for complaining about Muslims.

All of a sudden, the most important thing for Obama to do is disarm American Citizens.

Now, why is it so important for Obama to disarm America? Why? Because a disarmed country is ripe for takeover by the Muslim Army that Obama
has imported into the United States.

Nikita Khrushchev, the Russian dictator who visited the USA in the 1950s said the USA could never  be occupied by any army because of it’s citizen Army.

Could it be that Obama knows this fact and is doing everything within his power to disarm our Citizen Army? If Obama can’t do it legally, he will abuse his power and take
every gun from Americans because he knows he must do that to turn the USA over to Islam.

Be wary and watchful! Obama’s actions speak far beyond his words. Obama won’t even say the words “Islāmic Terrorist”, WHY?”.

You may leave with the thought this is another wild piece from the NRA, it isn’t. I am not a member of that organization, however I may join soon.

To provide us with some perspective, I share with you Michael Barone’s post from Friday, Jan 15, 2015

American Exceptionalism: How Has It Fared in the Obama Years?


In his final State of the Union speech Barack Obama made at least a few bows toward the idea that America is an exceptional nation, an idea he once derided by saying, “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks” — this was before their fiscal crisis — “believe in Greek exceptionalism.” We remain exceptional, he said in Tuesday’s speech, as the world’s strongest nation militarily and because we’re doing better economically than most other large nations.

But overall, has America become less exceptional in the seven years of the Obama presidency? Yale law professor Peter Schuck addresses that question in National Affairs, using as a benchmark “Understanding America,” a 2008 book he co-edited with the late political scientist James Q. Wilson.

America, Schuck summarized, is “unique on a whole host of fronts” because it’s “decentralized, diverse, competitive, contentious.” These factors have contributed, to varying extents, to the astonishing success of a republic that started off with 3.9 million people in 1789 and has 321 million today.

One way we are exceptional is that we have a Constitution that divides power among executive, legislative and judicial branches. Obama has gathered more power in the executive: passing Obamacare by legislative legerdemain, shutting down the coal industry by dubious regulations, attempting to legalize illegal immigrants by executive order, though the most recent attempt has been ruled illegal by federal courts. This trend toward prime ministerial government didn’t start in 2009. But Obama has extended it further than ever before.

In other ways Obama has not changed what is unfortunate about American politics. We tend to have relatively low voter turnout, and it’s declined during the Obama years. And American politics and government remains relatively decentralized, with different states going their own ways.

Although Obama was re-elected with 51 percent of the vote, most Americans have Republican governors and state legislatures. Most rejected what parts of Obamacare they could and, even as Obama touts gun control, every state now allows law-abiding citizens permits to carry concealed weapons.

On education America has become less centralized, sloughing off George W. Bush’s bipartisan education accountability law and increasingly rejecting Obama-supported Common Core.

Harvard economist Benjamin Friedman in his “Understanding America” book ascribes America’s exceptional economic success to its businesses’ flexibility and competitiveness, its largely unregulated and flexible labor markets and its soundly regulated financial institutions.

On this score critics have grounds for saying Obama administration policies have made the nation less exceptional — and less productive. Certainly American financial regulation proved less sound than thought shortly after Friedman wrote, but it’s not clear that Obama’s Dodd-Frank Act improved it.

Big banks’ market share has increased; bank loaning has not entirely rebounded. Entrepreneurship and new business formation this century has been lagging previous levels, an acceleration of a pre-Obama trend.

Friedman noted also that Americans tend to work more than people in other advanced countries. But our distinctiveness there has declined since 2009. American work-force participation — the percentage of adults holding or seeking jobs — remains at the lowest levels since the 1970s, even after several years of 2 percent economic growth. Disability rolls have skyrocketed, and young people have gotten a slower start on their working lives than in past generations.

Schuck notes, accurately, that American social mobility — the percentage that move from lower to upper economic classes — has for many years not been exceptionally high, as many Americans have assumed. But many Americans think it’s declining today. Overall, the case for the exceptionalism of the American economy seems increasingly to be based more on the weakness of other nations’ economies than on the strength of our own.

What about American diversity? Immigration continues, though at reduced levels as compared to the 1982-2007 period, and immigration from Mexico, our largest source of immigrants then, has tailed off to zero since the financial crisis of 2008.

But despite Islamist terrorist attacks and despite Obama’s warnings against anti-Muslim prejudice in the State of the Union, there is little sign of anti-immigrant violence. What has changed is public acquiescence in legalizing illegal immigrants — perhaps a response to Obama’s arguably illegal attempts to do so.

Which leads to American conscientiousness, one aspect in which even Barack Obama seems to concede America has become more pronounced during his presidency. Mainly because many Americans, operating through our decentralized politics and government, have been resisting his “fundamental transformation” attempts to make America less exceptional.


David Limbaugh | Jan 15, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 4.32.54 PM

In their State of the Union speeches, all previous presidents presented their policies in the most favorable light, but did they go so far as to distort reality? Did they use them to trash their opponents?

I don’t think so. But in his last one, Obama did, and adding insult to injury, as always, he pointedly decried partisan sniping right before launching into another episode of partisan sniping. It’s as though he doesn’t even realize he’s being hypocritical on steroids.

Obama is also the first president to have framed his SOTU speeches, in part, as high-school debate rebuttals. He must tell his speechwriters to bullet criticisms of his record and then craft a point-by-point rebuttal. If you haven’t noticed, it’s a formula for negativity and partisan rancor — the very things he denounces.

In addition, no other president has presented his record so inaccurately that informed and unbrainwashed viewers must conclude that the primary target of Obama’s deception is Obama himself. If he were capable of digesting how bad his record is, he surely wouldn’t embarrass himself by portraying it so falsely.

Obama claimed that there are no existential threats facing this nation, that his economy is robust, that his educational record is stellar, that people who are skeptical that global warming is man-made are fools, that the United States is more respected internationally now than it was before he took office, that Obamacare has lived up to its promises, that the military is overfunded, that ISIS members are just fanatics and killers riding around in pickup trucks, that his “clean energy” programs are superior, that people who support entitlement reform are the irresponsible ones — saying we should actually double down on these bankrupting boondoggles — that proponents of an orderly immigration system are bigots, that Ted Cruz’s pledge to aggressively pursue the Islamic State is code for deliberately bombing innocent civilians, that he himself deserves praise for reducing the deficit, that he values bipartisanship and compromise and ideas other than his own, that it’s morning in America and that he’s just getting warmed up and planning on engineering further transformational change at the expiration of his term.

Can you imagine having this record of failure, bragging about it and promising to deliver more misery into the indefinite future? It would be like the owner of the Chicago Cubs pledging to keep winning the World Series.

As for existential threats, try ISIS, a government-sponsored invasion of our borders by immigrants whom the left encourages not to assimilate or embrace the American idea, out-of-control entitlements, the exploding national debt and the systematic assault on the Constitution and rule of law by a renegade executive branch and cynical, activist judiciary branch.

Obama’s recovery is the worst in 50 years. He insists we accept anemic 2 percent growth as the new, wonderful normal. The labor participation rate is at its lowest since the 1970s. The median household income has fallen to a 20-year low, as has homeownership. Dependency programs, including food stamps, have skyrocketed. The poverty level is soaring. And Obama is hellbent on doubling the national debt. If it weren’t for some mild Republican resistance, there is no telling how much higher spending would be. He mocks responsible people who would structurally reform entitlements, which are guaranteed to become insolvent and also bankrupt the nation.

Obama touts his clean energy program but omits that government is subsidizing it and sabotaging the natural gas and coal industries. It’s pretty easy to take credit for the winners when you abuse power to pick winners and losers.

Though Obama boasts that Obamacare has caused 18 million more to be insured, it has been a complete disaster. The overwhelming number of additional insured people are from Medicaid expansion. People have lost their doctors and plans in droves. Premiums and deductibles have not decreased as promised but increased enormously.

Though Obama ridicules non-joiners of the apocalyptic global warming cult, he has never explained how the draconian measures he favors, even if fully implemented, would make a dent in reducing mean global temperature over the next century.

He has made a consummate mess of foreign policy, engineering the decline of the United States as the world’s sole superpower, alienating our allies and coddling our enemies. He continues to defund the military; the Army will decline by some 40,000 more soldiers in the next two years alone, and we’re below strength necessary to fight in two different theaters — always viewed as the acid test for readiness. He has grossly mistreated Israel, to which Saudi Arabia and Egypt have now had to turn because of his untrustworthiness. He claims to have ISIS contained — though it is in 20 nations, continues to wreak havoc in the Middle East and is a significant threat in the United States and Europe in the eyes of former intelligence, military and security advisers.


Then there are things Obama didn’t mention, such as his record-breaking performance in dividing the nation along racial, gender and economic lines. His commandeering of the IRS to target his political enemies. His multi-pronged assault on the Constitution. His assaults on religious liberty. His nightmarish concessions to Iran, which have emboldened its tyrannical regime to be even more defiant — already violating the nuke deal with its ballistic missile program and lawlessly kidnapping our sailors.

Yes, folks, things are going swimmingly, and there’s nothing to see here, so let’s turn the volume down, OK?

A Letter from Act for America

Obama-SOTU-1-Getty-640x480Dear Friend,
Former Representative Pete Hoekstra’s commentary below is spot-on about the seriousness of the Obama Administration’s spying on conversations between the Israeli Prime Minister and Members of the U.S. Congress — just as our federal legislators were debating the Iran nuclear agreement.

Americans should be outraged. When the president should be concerned with protecting the citizens of this country by monitoring the jihadists within our midst, he and his Administration instead, are spying on U.S. legislators who disagree with his policies, and on the leader of our only democratic ally in the Middle East.

If you wish to register your concerns about this matter to your U.S. Representative or Senator, the U.S. Capitol Switchboard phone number is: (202) 224-3121.

Thank you for all that you do for this great nation. Keep your voice active. It makes a difference.

Brigitte Gabriel

EXCLUSIVE – Pete Hoesktra: NSA Spying on Congress Requires Suspending State of the Union Invite

Pete Hoekstra – Breitbart

Elected officials and leaders of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) must maintain the integrity of America’s vast intelligence enterprise as a lawful, neutral, independent and fair arbiter of facts. Recent news that the Obama White House obtained intelligence containing private conversations of members of Congress and American Jewish organizations from the National Security Agency (NSA) suggests the integrity of our intelligence agencies have been undermined.

The heads of the 17 organizations in the IC oversee a massive foreign data collection network that produces sensitive information on adversaries and allies.

It is an awesome capability for good, but it poses a threat to free society if exploited for political purposes.

The prospect of the White House – or any political element – using one of these agencies to mine information on members of Congress and U.S. citizens is frightening and criminal. So it is of grave concern to learn that the administration allegedly permitted the National Security Agency (NSA) to monitor American communications between the Israeli prime minister and U.S. Congressmen and members of Jewish organizations during the sensitive domestic political debate on the Iran nuclear agreement.

Lawmakers must respond quickly. This is about the NSA potentially violating constitutionally protected civil liberties.

The rules are clear. When the electronic communications of U.S. citizens are inadvertently swept up, which happens frequently, the NSA is required to immediately minimize them.

First, it needs to identify the phone number associated with the person and cease monitoring it. Second, any reference to the individual in collected data must be eliminated.

And there are special NSA rules if information about the discussions or communications of members of Congress is collected. Under NSA rules, this information is supposed to be destroyed unless the NSA Director issues a waiver to collect and disseminate this information because of a compelling foreign intelligence reason.

The administration likely failed on all of these counts. It apparently looked the other way and didn’t implement long established safeguards. That is why this issue is so serious.

The government can only retain content on Americans when it contains national security implications and must obtain a court warrant if it wants to maintain surveillance on an American person. Israel’s prime minister has no protections.

More to the point, this alleged surveillance was never about national security. The White House wanted to learn the strategies that opponents of the Iran nuclear agreement would use to attack the president’s political agenda.

Congress should demand a full accounting, which should not take long. The NSA has all of the information lawmakers need at its fingertips.

Here are seven questions that the administration needs to answer about the continued monitoring of U.S. persons by the NSA.

  1. Exactly how many and specifically which Americans were monitored?
  2. On which members of Congress did the NSA spy?
  3. How many conversations were collected and what did they disclose?
  4. Who within the IC knew about the ongoing and intentional collection of American communications with the Israeli prime minister? Did NSA Director Mike Rogers know? Who approved it?
  5. Who within the White House knew of this collection and who knew of its content? Did they attempt to stop this collection once they became aware that it was possibly illegal?
  6. How did the NSA justify and rationalize providing the White House with intelligence on the private conversations by members of Congress and American Jewish organizayions? At what security level was the information transferred to the White House?
  7. Did this surveillance practice extend to any other intelligence agencies?
    There needs to be a full public accounting.

This is not an isolated instance of IC negligence. CENTCOM is under investigation for cooking the intelligence on the threat from ISIS.

Both are serious violations of the public trust, but the NSA case is potentially so egregious that it threatens the very credibility of the IC. Whether conservative, progressive, Republican, Democrat or Libertarian, all Americans fear the immense capability of government to target them. A proportional reaction is required because it extends to the very heart of constitutionally guaranteed protections.

I strongly disagreed with Edward Snowden’s actions and the substance of his allegations, but the NSA might have fulfilled his predictions that the government would unleash the IC capabilities for unlawful domestic purposes.

Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan should suspend the president’s invitation to deliver his State of the Union address from the House chamber on January 12 until the administration fully complies with all congressional demands.

Congress must act forcefully now. Extraordinary abuse requires an extraordinary response.

Pete Hoekstra is the Senior Shillman Fellow at the Investigative Project on Terrorism and the former Chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee.

Blockbuster: DHS Whistleblower Says Obama Regime Shut Down Probe That Would’ve Stopped San Bernardino Attack

December 11, 2015
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RUSH: Megyn Kelly had a blockbuster exclusive last night on the Fox News Channel.  The former customs and border agent, Philip Haney, claims that the State Department and Homeland Security Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties closed down an investigation. He was looking into a group named Tablighi Jamaat.  Philip Haney says the investigation was shut down because the Regime “did not want to profile Islāmic groups.”  Well, who the hell are we profiling if we’re not profiling Islāmic groups at Homeland Security and at immigration, for crying out loud?O-and-P-Haney-BPhilip Haney says the Feds “the feds also deleted his files, which included information on an organization with ties to Farook’s mosque…” This is a guy that had a connection with Syed Farook “Climate Change,” and the Regime ordered this guy to shut up, stand down, and destroy his files. And now he’s on television telling anybody who listen. “Philip Haney claims that if his investigation had been allowed to continue, Syed Farook [“Climate Change”] may have ended up on the no-fly list,” and if he had ended up on the no-fly list, he would not have met and connected with Tashfeen Malik, or Malik, and they would never have gotten married and they wouldn’t have become Bonnie and Clyde of Islam.

Audio sound bites.  Philip Haney last night with Megyn Kelly.  She said, “Philip, why do you believe the work you were pursuing may have led to the detection of these two?”

HANEY:  The network of individuals that we work with were tied to a large group called Tablighi Jamaat part a larger group called Deobandi.  We had thousands of organizations or individuals in the database, and we tracked them as they moved in and out of the United States on the visa waiver program.  Farook mosque is called Dar-al-Uloom.  It’s a global network of similar kinds of mosques under the umbrella of this organization.

RUSH:  Look at how much we knew.  Look at how much the regime knew about Syed Farook “Climate Change.”  Megyn Kelly says, “Under your program you would have identified the mosque, and then what would you have done?”

HANEY:  Individuals that are already in the case in 2012 went to that mosque.  Therefore as we are tracking them we would have put the red light on them.  Syed would have been put on the no-fly list because of his association with that mosque and or the K-1 visa that his wife was given may have been denied because of his affiliation with a known organization.

KELLY:  Mmm-hmm.  And you say they shut you down because they felt this was essentially profiling of Muslims?

HANEY:  They specifically got that, we got the internal memos, and it says that we are not allowed to develop a case based on Tablighi Jamaat  specifically or any specific group.

RUSH:  “We are not allowed to develop a case” on any Islāmic group.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is why I made a point yesterday — and it actually found its way on the television sound bites today.  I made a big point yesterday about the lack of moral authority in our government at the leadership level.  I mean, there’s nobody… You know, Obama doesn’t have any moral authority.  Obama can’t condemn anybody or he can’t praise anybody.  Obama’s lost the moral authority to have credibility and believability.

The problem in our country right now is that there’s nobody in leadership in Washington of any party. Nobody has any moral authority.  There’s nobody that’s uber-respected.  There’s nobody, when they tell you something, you believe ’em.  There’s nobody, when they condemn something or approve some, you believe them.  And evidence like this just exacerbates that.  What the hell are we supposed to be looking for if not Islāmic groups?  So what does this mean?  I’ll tell you what this means.  Terrorism, folks, is a national security issue.

Terrorism is a safety issue.  Terrorism against American citizens, domestic or international — stopping it, identifying it, protecting, defending, keeping safe American citizens — is in the top two/three things that the Constitution requires leaders in this country to do.  National security ought not be political.  There ought not be one aspect of national security that’s political. Yet this administration has politicized everything, and in the process they have corrupted it.


So now we have a whistleblower, Customs and Border Agent, working at the State Department and the Homeland Security Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties basically being shut down, for obviously political reasons.  And this is what gives rise to questions about Obama.  Why’s Obama so insistent? Why is he so insistent that we not discover what there is to be discovered about Muslims? Why would the Obama administration demand that an investigation like this be shut down, evidence destroyed and the man involved files deleted and told not to say a word about it?

Well, it’s those kind of questions that give rise to all kinds of answers. When there’s no leadership and no moral authority, then feel are free to fill administrate blanks.  And things like this don’t make common sense.  We’re in the midst of it, and have been arguably since 1993.  But, folks, you can go back to even prior to that, when there were terrorist hijackings of American airliners.  You could go back to the eighties and the terrorism against US military in the Middle East.  I mean, this is nothing new.

It’s intensifying, and now the war has been brought to our shores. The 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The 2001 World Trade Center.  Fort Hood.  The incidents are numerous and they are expanding. They are increasing in number.  San Bernardino last week.  Yet no matter where we turn in our government, we are told to not see what we see, to not think what is obvious.  And anybody in government who does see what there is to be seen apparently is shut down and their data deleted.  It’s being politicized.

Obviously, for some reason, Obama doesn’t want any of this known.  I’ll tell you what’s happening.  People within the Obama administration are now breaking.  Obama is becoming isolated on this.  We had the secretary of defense on television yesterday saying ISIS is not “contained.”  We’ve had a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff say ISIS is not “contained.”  Obama said in his Sunday night speech (that even Democrats are now panning as embarrassing) that ISIS is “contained,” that there is no threat of anything happening domestically, after a domestic event.


So even people in the Obama administration they are running away from Obama on this, and yet he steadfastly maintains there’s nothing to see here and that what you’re seeing isn’t what you think it is, and what you think it is you only think it because of your racism and bigotry and so forth and so on.  It’s leading to all kinds of questions that people are asking.  The questions are legitimate based on Obama’s proclamations and his actions and stories like this.

Questions are rooted around the curiosity of what is it that makes Obama so damn protective of Islamists, jihadists, Muslims? What in the world is going on here?  Well, you start filling in the blanks and answering the questions yourself, and I guarantee you millions of Americans are, and they’re coming up with all kinds of answers.  And none of them are pretty.  But our president has created… There’s a moral vacuum, folks, a moral vacuum at the highest levels of our government and leadership.  There is a moral vacuum, there is a leadership vacuum, and there is a common-sense vacuum.

There is so much that appears obvious that is not being acted on, so much that is obvious and is happening that we are told isn’t happening. But we can see it.  Some of our fellow citizens are being killed right before us and we’re told, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no.  You’re racist if you think that! You’re bigoted if you think that.  No, no.”  It’s inexplicable.  And then over here, everybody wonders why somebody like Donald Trump continues.


RUSH: Here we go.  Daily Caller. Yet another story that is similar to that from the whistleblower Philip Haney on Megyn Kelly last night.  This is from The Daily Caller.

“The FBI has taken heat for failing to immediately classify the San Bernardino shootings as terrorism, but a new report shows that FBI reluctance could have been due to external pressure from the White House.” Let’s go back to that night, that afternoon, the San Bernardino massacre.  Speaking for myself, when I got home, I turned on… Do you know I forgot what channel cable news channels are?  I watch them on in.  And I don’t have these auto-program buttons. So I said, “Wait a minute, what number is Fox?” It came back to me real quick.  But so rarely do I have it on anymore.

Anyway, so I turned it and I’m surfing around to the various networks, and they’re all… I’m sure you saw the same thing.  They’re all saying, “Oh, you know, we’ve got a name. We’ve been leaking a name, but it’s a very, very delicate situation and we can’t really announce the name.  It’s a very volatile situation out here, a very volatile situation around the world, what with what just happened in Paris and so forth. We’ve got a name, but it’s a very, very delicate situation here, very, very careful we have.  We cannot jump the gun on anything! I’m sure you understand,” blah, blah.  And on it went like that from six p.m. to 10 p.m.ISISBefore-and-After-C Meanwhile, we all knew the name. If you knew where to look, the name was already leaked. It was out there.  But the Drive-Bys wouldn’t go anywhere near it.  And from The Daily Caller we now know why.  “The FBI has taken heat for failing to immediately classify the San Bernardino shootings as terrorism…”We all knew it was.  Everybody knew it was! But, remember: Islam is a religion of peace, and therefore this could not have been perpetrated by Muslims.  I mean, that’s Barack Obama 101: “Islam is a religion of peace. There is no terrorism in Islam.  These are people perverting it.”

Well, “[A] new report shows that FBI reluctance [to tell us what we all knew] could have been due to external pressure from the White House. A source told Jack Murphy of SOFREP that the FBI instantly believed the shooting, which left 14 dead, to be a clear act of terrorism.”  By the way, I can confirm this.  You know, I don’t live as a hermit.  I’m not a recluse out here. Well… Meaning, I’m in contact with people.  I know people, former FBI people, and I was in contact with ’em — e-mail, chat, what have you.  We all knew, and people close to the investigation knew.

I was told I can’t tell you how many times between six p.m. and ten p.m. that night that, “Rush, don’t worry.  The FBI knows it’s terrorism and they’re on this like white on rice.  They know this is a terrorist attack. They know much more than they’re reporting.  Don’t worry about it.  Whatever you’re seeing on TV is just what you’re seeing on TV.  But they are already zeroed in on the fact that this is Islāmic terrorism.”  So that just added to the frustration. I know this, I’m told this, and many people were told, and I shared it with some friends of mine back and forth.

They’re watching television, and, “Well, we can’t say for sure! We’re being very delicate here. We’re very reluctant,” and so forth.  Well, it turns out here that the source who told this to Jack Murphy, the White House didn’t want this event to be reported as terrorism.  “The White House, however, didn’t feel the same way and quickly moved in to squash the terror classification. This source added that as soon as the shooting took place…” Are you ready for this?

“[As soon as the shooting took place, Obama convened a meeting with the National Security Council and the heads of other federal enforcement agencies to discuss a public relations strategy. Part of the reason for trying to avoid the designation of the shootings as terrorism is because it threatens to upset the [Regime]’s strategy in Syria. A case of Islāmic terrorism in the US would put additional pressure on the [Regime]’s to play a much more active role in the conflict,” because it’s spreading.


It’s spreading beyond Syria.  If it’s come to the United States, Obama has to get involved, he has to get in gear.  And he simply won’t because he has cozied up to Iran.  Now, we have mentioned this — we’ve repeated it from Walid Phares and a couple of other sources — that Obama strategically is tied with Iran when it comes to ISIS, and Iran doesn’t want anything happening to ISIS.  Iran is benefiting from the chaos, the sectarian violence between Sunni and Shi’ites.  Iran wants to control that region — and for some reason, Obama has ties to ’em.

But beyond that, folks, another example of how national security has been politicized. And the White House, according to this report, was exerting pressure on FBI agents on the ground, and the FBI command in Washington, to not refer this, to not classify this, to not go on TV and report it as terrorism, because it would have negative impact and consequences for Obama.  National security has even been corrupted because politics that comes from liberalism is by nature corrupt.  Liberalism is corrupt.  Liberalism is a lie. It’s a series of lies.

It does not rely on truth. In fact, can’t coexist with the truth. So Benghazi was the result of a video. They couldn’t have the truth of that out! That’s too close to the election in 2012.  And then we were also considering the 2016 election. We couldn’t have anything happen to Mrs. Clinton in 2012.  It would damage her chances, and the Democrat Party’s chances 2016.  In this case it’s Obama’s strategy in Syria that must be protected politically.  But it’s even greater than that.  There can’t be terrorism here because Obama already said on the Wednesday prior that there wasn’t any reason to fear terrorism in America, and that ISIS remained contained and was the JV team.

Less than a week later, the San Bernardino massacre happens.  Well, it can’t be terrorism!  Why, that would expose Obama as incompetent.  That would expose Obama as not knowing what he’s doing.  We can’t have that.  He’s the smartest man that’s ever been in the White House.  We can’t have any of this.  We can’t let any of this expose Obama as a fraud or as an incompetent or worse.  National security, something as encompassing and crucial as that has now been corrupted by the politics of Barack Hussein O and the Democrat Party.


So while the FBI, on Obama’s orders, was looking like fools to everybody watching on TV by refusing to say what we all knew — that the San Bernardino massacre was Islāmic terrorism — the whole world knew.  And this is striking.  Obama believes that he can make it so just by thinking it.  He can make it so just by saying it.  And you can’t blame him in a sense.  He’s childlike in many ways.  He’s been coddled as a special child, an only child all of his life.  The media has treated him as a mini-god.

So if Obama believes that all he has to do is say something is or isn’t and that makes it is or isn’t, the media has fed that. The media’s never challenged Obama. The media has never questioned, the media has never investigated, the media has never exposed. The media has done nothing but lapdog it up.  So after seven years, if you were Obama you would think you could get away with anything you want to say.  “That’s not terrorism. That’s gonna violate our values.”  Our values?  That’s another thing that just continued to grate on me.

These people speak of “our values.”

They’re butchering babies in Planned Parenthood, and we’re supposed to listen to them talk about American values?  I’m sorry, folks, it just doesn’t wash with me.  None of this does.  But with national security being compromised and nobody able to apparently do anything about it, it’s why the presidential campaign has become what it is.



RUSH: Tom in Sarasota, Florida.  Hello.

CALLER:  Great being able to speak with you.  Yeah, I was watching TV the other day and saw all those reporters tramping through a crime scene just a day after the San Bernardino shootings, and I wonder, you know, in tying that in to the whistleblower from Homeland Security —

RUSH:  No, I don’t… I know what you’re talking about.  The FBI cleared the crime scene after only two days, and the landlord turned it loose, and people were allowed to run through there. And we had a story from a former New York Police Department detective, NYPD detective, who just could not believe what he had seen.  He couldn’t believe that a crime scene would ever be allowed to be overrun like that. But what he also saw: No trace of any fingerprints having being taken. He didn’t see any fingerprint dust. He said there were loose documents and pieces of paper running around.

He said this was the wanton destruction of a crime scene that he’d just never seen before. He couldn’t understand it.  And what Tom here is wondering about is maybe this was purposefully done and coincides with the whistleblower.  I don’t think they’re linked.  But I think they all both are an indication of what we’re up against here.  It is clear, bottom line, we now know some of the whistleblower last night on Megyn Kelly — or just listening to Obama, we know. He does not want people to think that the people doing this are doing it.

And he believes he can convince us otherwise.  And it’s not just Obama.  This government goes to great lengths to deny what everybody can see.  “The religion of peace would never engage in activity like this. In mass murder? No. As a religion of peace, Islam, there is no terrorism in Islam.”  I don’t care why. Political correctness, I don’t care if there’s a

terrorism in Islam.”  I don’t care why. Political correctness, I don’t care if there’s a solidarity that we don’t understand or know.  What I do know is that none of this is working to fool or to calm the American people.  They’re not falling for this.  And the evidence is abundant all over the country.


President Barack Obama, Apologist for Islam

Posted on “In The Line of Fire,” by Michael Brown

I do not believe that President Obama is a Muslim, but I have no doubt that he reveres Islam and that he is an apologist for Islam. Is there really any question about it?

I do not believe that President Obama is a Muslim, but I have no doubt that he reveres Islam and that he is an apologist for Islam. Is there really any question about it?

I posted comments similar to this on social media December 5th in the aftermath of the San Bernardino massacre before reading that Sen. Ted Cruz had commented that, “We have a president right now, who at times operates as an apologist for radical Islāmic terrorists.” It was also before I read Donald Trump’s commentt that, “Our president doesn’t want to use the term, ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism.’ There is something wrong with him that we don’t know about.”

There are many who believe that Barack Hussein Obama is, in fact, a Muslim, but I seriously doubt it. A real Muslim would not worship in a church building for a period of years, neglecting Islāmic prayer on a daily basis and abstaining from prayer on Fridays in a mosque, nor would a real Muslim publicly and consistently profess to be a Christian. That would be a denial of his faith.

At the same time, it is abundantly clear that President Obama reveres the Islāmic faith and often serves as an apologist for the religion of Muhammad.

Speaking in harmony with the president back in February, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson explained that, “The thing I hear from leaders in the Muslim community in this country is ISIL is attempting to hijack my religion.”

Yes, “To refer to ISIL as occupying any part of the Islamic theology is playing on a battlefield that they would like us to be on. I think that to call them some form of Islam gives the group more dignity than it deserves frankly. It is a terrorist organization.”

This echoes statements made repeatedly by President Obama, the clear implication being: If it’s violent, it’s not Islam since Islam is a religion of peace, despite Islam’s consistently violent 1,400 year history.

But the president’s defense of Islam goes beyond rejecting the idea that radical, violent, terroristic Islam can be Islāmic. It is also the positive way he speaks of Islam that is striking.

It was one thing for him to greet his listeners in Cairo in 2009 with the words, “assalaamu alaykum.” That could be written off as cultural sensitivity from a president who had been reared in an Islāmic country (Indonesia) and went to an Islāmic school.

But his words went far beyond the standard Muslim greeting. He also stated his belief that America and Islam “are not exclusive” but rather “overlap, and share common principles—principles of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.” And when backing up one of his points, he noted that, “As the Holy Quran tells us, ‘Be conscious of God and speak always the truth.'”

The Holy Quran? Who speaks like this without reverence for the religion? Conversely, would a devout Muslim speak of the Holy Bible when Muslims believe that our Scriptures represent a corruption of the real Word of God as represented by the Quran?

The president also spoke of “civilization’s debt to Islam,” noting that “throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.” (Perhaps he means the kind of “religious tolerance and racial equality” we find today in countries like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran—including the equality of women?)

President Obama even alleged that “since our founding, American Muslims have enriched the United States,” referencing President John Adams’ statement with the signing of the Treaty of Tripoli in 1796 that “the United States has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Muslims.”

Did he forget that 10 years earlier, in 1786, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, then ambassadors for America, were in Tripoli to combat the murderous Muslim pirates whose actions were backed by some Tripoli leaders in the name of Islam?

And was he unaware of the comments of John Quincy Adams, our sixth president, regarding Muhammad? Adams said that Muhammad “humbled [the Christian religion] to the dust by adapting all the rewards and sanctions of his religion to the gratification of the sexual passion. He poisoned the sources of human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex, and the allowance of polygamy; and he declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind. The essence of his doctrine was violence and lust—to exalt the brutal over the spiritual part of human nature. … Between these two religions, thus contrasted in their characters, a war of twelve hundred years has already raged.”

Perhaps our president has taken an airbrush to American-Islamic history and relationships?

In his Cairo speech, he also spoke of Islam being “revealed,” meaning, that he affirms that God did, in fact, give the Quran to Muhammad.

And so, despite the nuances of his Cairo speech and his criticism of certain expressions of “some Muslims,” he stood as not just a friend of Islam but an apologist for Islam, one who spoke with undeniable reverence for the faith of his father and the faith in which he grew up as a boy.

His statement, then, in 2012, that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” should not surprise us in the least, nor did his nuancing of that statement diminish its force in the least.

In President Obama, we do not simply have a leader who speaks respectfully of the world’s second largest religion, as President George W. Bush also did. We have a man who reveres Islam and is committed to defending it before the world, even when it potentially undermines national security and international order.

Can this really be denied?

Michael Brown is the host of the nationally syndicated talk radio show The Line of Fire and is the president of FIRE School of Ministry. His newest book is Outlasting the Gay Revolution: Where Homosexual Activism Is Really Going and How to Turn the Tide. Connect with him on Facebook at AskDrBrown or on Twitter @drmichaellbrown.

Is the President at War With Us?

7:00AM EST 11/20/2015 BERT FARIAS

This article is not about Obama. He is mentioned in it. He is accused in it—he is the villain of it—but it is not about him. (Reuters)

This article is not about Obama. He is mentioned in it. He is accused in it—he is the villain of it—but it is not about him. (Reuters)

This is an article written by Mario Murillo. I dare you to read it. It is a clear and bold call to the New Testament Church to arise and oppose the things that are killing our country. I shared it on my social networks but realized it is far more worthy of a greater audience and readership than my own networks could give it.

I received permission from him personally to share it here. It may be the most important and timely article you can read concerning present day America and the church. When I read it, I felt an immediate connection to the Spirit of its words, much like when Jonathan’s soul was knit to David’s after his mighty victory against Goliath and the Philistines (1 Sam. 18:1).

Picture this. David is escorted before King Saul by Abner, the commander of Israel’s army. He is still a teenager—small, baby-faced, and wet behind the ears, but in his hand he is carrying the head of Goliath—the head that he had just severed from his body using Goliath’s own sword. Jonathan is listening to David responding to King Saul’s questions, while holding that big giant head in his tiny hand.

Can you see it? Jonathan is stirred from within. He identifies with the brave warrior spirit in David. “I like this boy,” he utters from within. “I like his attitude,” he muses. “I love his courageous spirit!” his heart exclaims. This is a picture of what needs to happen with 400,000 Protestant preachers in America right now.

The battle of the Philistines is the kind of battle America is in today. Our nation is in a gigantic crisis. Most Christians are scared and don’t believe they can do anything. Most pastors and Christian leaders are afraid to speak out against the Goliath in the White House. Only those who are of another spirit and whose hearts are knit together by an allegiance to the Lord of hosts and the covenant our forefathers made with Him in establishing our nation will be able to fight in this battle.

Now please read Mario’s message carefully and prayerfully and allow it to ignite your heart for the battle that rages.

This article is not about Obama. He is mentioned in it. He is accused in it—he is the villain of it—but it is not about him. This article is about you and me. It is about facing the most horrible fact—we have had to face—since the Civil War.

  • He is not at war against ISIS.
  • He is not at war against black poverty.
  • He is not at war against unemployment.
  • He is not at war against anything that threatens you. He is at war with you.

The man who has the most power over Americans is actively working to destroy Americans. That is a bitter pill to swallow—but swallow it we must.

But how do I convince you that he is at war against us? I struggled with this for a long time. Then I found an analogy that explains Obama’s destructive style. He acts like a man that has murdered his wife and is trying to cover it up.

The husband is always the first suspect—no matter what. Detectives use a different set of eyes than you and I. The adoring faithful husband is defended by family, friends and neighbors. He has the perfect alibi. He has no history of violence.

However, the police will not rule him out if he begins to act strangely. Say, he shows little sense of loss. He talks more about himself than he does his dead wife. If she is missing, he seems to be going through the motions of trying to find her.

Obama’s reaction to the mass murder in Paris is a perfect example.

  • It is the same, tired, brain-numbing non response to terror.
  • He is sorry, but not really.
  • He keeps up the appearance of a caring husband who—having done away with his wife—feigns sorrow.
  • He has done this after every terror attack.

Sherlock Holmes said, “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?” When you eliminate the impossible about Obama here is what is left: He is motivated by hate. He hates America. He hates Christianity. He hates Israel. All of his policies carry this one universal criterion: How much it will damage the people I hate. Use that formula and all of the lights will suddenly go on.

  • He blocks energy independence, a secure border, a jobs program or anything else that would better our lives.
  • His foreign, environmental, economic, immigration, and educational, policies fail by design—not incompetence.
  • He ruined our healthcare, enflames racial division, foments student unrest, and endangers the lives of police officers by design.
  • He bullies Israel but gives billions to her mortal enemies.

Here is what is really chilling: Even after it was proven that the killers in Paris were Syrian refugees, he will still force us to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees. Is he actually working toward terrorism here at home?

We should stop doing these things:

1. Stop denying that he is at war against you and your children’s future. Face it! How can you do what Christ wants you to do against this evil if you will not admit the evil?

We cannot stop Obama unless we face the fact that he is at war with us. All God-fearing, freedom-loving people must unify against him. The unity and resolve required to stop him can come only after we face the ugly truth.

2. Quit saying all we need to do is pray. Of course we need to pray. I intercede daily. But to say that all we need to do is pray is a cop-out. If you believe that the sole response to Obama should be prayer, then you are doing a disservice—not only to America—but to prayer. Prayer always ends in acts of obedience.

No one ever prayed like Jesus. No one ever understood prayer like Jesus. No one valued prayer like Jesus. And yet, He did not just pray. He went forth in the power of the Spirit. He rebuked the king—He turned over the tables of the money changers and He verbally blistered the Pharisees. He did not just pray—He acted on His prayers.

In Acts 4:29 Peter prayed “Lord look on their threats and grant to your servants that with all boldness we may speak Your Word.” Try this the next time you pray—Ask for boldness and guidance. Ask to know your place in stopping the war on Israel, Christianity and everything that made America great. After you pray … you have to take a stand.

3. Stop supporting Christian compromise. Why your pastor refuses to preach against the crimes of Obama is not the question—why you still attend that church is the question.

Your time, talent and money should not be going to the compromised church. Shift your support. Begin to strengthen the arm of those who are risking all to oppose this tyrant.

4. Stop abusing love. It is not hateful to oppose Obama—it is love. To be silent in face of hatred is hatred itself. When we remain silent, we do not practice love; we hate God’s Word; we hate holiness; we hate truth; we hate sacrifice and courage.

Stop worrying about what millennials think. Stop worrying about our public persona. When the truth comes out, a grateful generation will thank us for intervening against destruction.

5. Quit saying “I am not going to do anything because it won’t make any difference.” Revivals can be traced to a single person. Do not say that great movements cannot begin with small groups in unpromising circumstances. Indeed, that is exactly how all great movements have been born.

You have come to the kingdom for such a time as this. You cannot waste one more moment in fear or self-pity. God can take your simple prayer and willingness and add His amazing power and wisdom to your endeavors.

What if God has been waiting a hundred years for you to come along—discard fear and doubt—take up the sword of the Lord—and plunge it into the heart of spiritual darkness?

Bert M. Farias, revivalist and founder of Holy Fire Ministries, is the author of several books.

‘Committed Christian’? Here’s Obama’s REAL Religious History

‘High horse’ jab just president’s latest attack on his own professed faith.

Obama has earned his reputation for arrogance – don’t expect any self-criticism from him. Unless, of course, he’s talking about his own professed Christian faith — then it’s slam time. Did his attack on followers of Jesus at this week’s National Prayer Breakfast provide the missing piece in the puzzle of whom Obama REALLY worships?

The following article appeared in a recent post on WND. –

Why would President Obama, who professes to be a Christian, apparently harbor such animosity toward what he claims is his own faith?

The latest example came during his remarks Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast, but it was hardly the first time Obama has criticized Christianity or defended Islam.

In order to better understand what Obama truly believes, WND looked at the history of Obama’s relationship with religion, beginning with those most recent remarks.

“And lest we get on our high horse and think that this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ,” Obama said at the breakfast.

“In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ,” he added.

Incensed critics are interpreting those remarkable words as both an attack on Christianity and a defense of Muslim atrocities.

As WND reported, among the many Christian leaders outraged by the president’s comments, one Catholic leader called for Obama to apologize, pointedly noting that the Inquisition was political, and the Crusades were a defensive effort against jihad.

Obama’s remarks came just two days after the release of a video of the burning death of a captured Jordanian pilot by ISIS and just one day after word that the radical Islāmic army is selling, as well as crucifying, children.

WND CEO Joseph Farah interpreted Obama’s remarks as an excuse of Islam, by drawing an equivalence between the current murderous reign of terror perpetuated by Muslim radicals and long-past misdeeds by Christians long-since condemned by virtually all Christians.

Marc Thiessen, former chief speechwriter for President George W. Bush, was incredulous, stating on Fox News Thursday evening, “It was evangelical Christians who fought slavery and Jim Crow. It was William Wilberforce who led the campaign against slavery. It was Martin Luther King who fought (segregation.)”


William Wilberforce (August 24, 1759 – July 29, 1833) English politician, philanthropist, and a leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade
William Wilberforce (24 August 1759 – 29 July 1833) English politician, philanthropist, and a leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade
Thiessen wondered why the president would criticize those who criticize ISIS atrocities, asking, “What does he mean by get off our high horse? And what kind of person looks at a video of a man being burned alive and his reaction is to say ‘Let’s not forget, we in the West did that, too’?”

“With all due respect, the Crusades were almost a thousand years ago. The Inquisition was in the 15th century. ISIS is burning people alive today. Now. Not Christians,” he added.

Thiessen drew a parallel of his own in Obama’s comparison, remarking, “It’s fascinating that he said people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. Has he ever said ISIS has committed terrible deeds in the name of Muhammad? Or in the name of Islam? No. … He said they kill in the name of religion. He won’t call it Islāmic radicalism, which is a problem.”

Obama made another remark the Christian faithful may find particularly perplexing, implying their religion is not necessarily more true than any other faith:

“I believe that the starting point of faith is some doubt – not being so full of yourself and so confident that you are right and that God speaks only to us, and doesn’t speak to others, that God only cares about us and doesn’t care about others, that somehow we alone are in possession of the truth.”

As to what Obama believes is the truth, a look at his past comments and actions regarding religion, especially Christianity, may be illustrative.

References to God removed

Obama has a history of omitting references to God and Christianity.

Two years ago, WND reported he issued a statement endorsing the National Day of Prayer but excised virtually any reference to Christianity, the primary faith of the nation’s founders.

In 2009, he did cite the prayers of the Continental Congress and President Lincoln’s call for prayer during the Civil War. But he started turning the next year, mentioning “God” only twice, asking for “blessings” and “guidance.” The closest reference to the nation’s Christian heritage was a reference that the U.S. “counts freedom of conscience and free exercise of religion among its most fundamental principles.”

By 2012, Obama’s proclamation was merely giving thanks “for our democracy that respects the beliefs and protects the religious freedom of all people to pray, worship, or abstain.”

In 2013, his text included “faith” only to reference it as “our faith” and recognized “God” only for delivering liberties and guidance.

Obama has repeatedly removed the phrase “endowed by their Creator” from the line in the Declaration of Independence that reads:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

In 2013, WND reported that eventual GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain believed that was no slip of the tongue, saying, “I believe it was intentional because he did it three times.”

He added, “With all of his teleprompters, how could you not put that in there? No. I believe it was intentional.”

By WND columnist Chuck Norris’ count, Obama dropped “their Creator” seven times in just a two-month span in 2012.

In 2009, WND reported Obama, while admitting that America has “a very large Christian population,” told the Turkish press that “we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.”

And in December 2010 , a letter from the Congressional Prayer Caucus rebuked Obama for incorrectly replacing the nation’s motto of “In God We Trust” with “E pluribus unum” in a speech at the University of Indonesia.

Defense of Islam

In a speech given to the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 12, 2012, the president declared, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

In a speech in Cairo, Egypt, in June 2009, Obama said that he felt it “part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

Also in 2009, Obama told a French reporter, “[I]f you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.” (In fact, in 2008 Christians made up 76-percent of the population at 173 million, religious Jews 1.2-percent at 2.6 million, and Muslims only 0.6-percent at 1.3 million.)

And in May 2011, WND learned that in October 2009, one of Obama’s faith advisers, Eboo Patel, a Muslim activist from Chicago, compared al-Qaeda to what he called Christian “totalitarians” in the U.S. and Jewish “totalitarians” in Israel.

In February 2010, Obama named Patel to his Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Patel is part of the official speaker’s bureau of the Islāmic Society of North America, an unindicted co-conspirator in a scheme to raise money for Hamas.

Anti-Christian policies

Perhaps the most infamous example of what critics consider Obama administration hostility toward Christians was the demand by the IRS that conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status reveal the contents of their prayers.

A letter from the IRS to Coalition for Life of Iowa read, “Please detail the content of the members of your organization’s prayers.”

Another applicant was asked, “Please explain how all of your activities, including the prayer meetings held outside of Planned Parenthood, are considered educational as defined under 501(c)(3).”

Critics also say the Obama administration tried to crush First Amendment religious rights of Christians by mandating employers provide certain kinds of contraceptives, including abortion-inducing drugs, which many Christians found objectionable and immoral.

The Supreme Court sided with those Christians by ruling 5-to-4 in favor of the plaintiffs and against the government in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby on June 30, 2014.

Not only many Christians, but many former and active members of the military, have been chagrined by Obama’s normalization of the homosexual lifestyle in the nation’s armed forces.

In a video interview, now-retired Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Robert Papp revealed that Obama personally threatened to fire any service leaders who disagreed with the president’s decision to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy toward homosexuals in the military.

“We were called into the Oval Office, and President Obama looked all five service chiefs in the eye and said, ‘This is what I want to do.’ I cannot divulge everything he said to us, that’s private communications within the Oval Office, but if we didn’t agree with it — if any of us didn’t agree with it — we all had the opportunity to resign our commissions and go do other things,” said Papp.

Military chaplains reportedly are also under threat by regulations that now prevent them from speaking against homosexuality.

The Family Research Council has documented scores of instances in which the military under Obama has threatened service members participating in religious (primarily Christian) expression.

WND reported how U.S. Army soldiers at a Mississippi post were instructed that the American Family Association, or AFA, was a “hate group” because the radical leftist Southern Poverty Law Center had advised the military that the AFA’s view of homosexuality, informed by traditional values, was hateful.

The U.S. military teaching that the American colonists were “extremists” was traced also back to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Judicial Watch, a government corruption monitor, said it obtained records regarding the “preparation and presentation of training materials on hate groups or hate crimes distributed or used by the Air Force.”

The teaching claimed: “In U.S. history, there are many examples of extremist ideologies and movements. The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule and the Confederate states who sought to secede from the Northern states are just two examples.”


Sept. 11, 2001 The attacks by Muslims who killed nearly 3,000 people on Sept. 11, 2001, were called a “historical event.”

The administration’s efforts to enforce acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle extend well beyond the military and affect every federal employee.

In May 2013, WND columnist Matt Barber revealed the existence of an internal Justice Department document that forced managers to accept the administration’s policies on homosexuality, or else.

Titled, “LGBT Inclusion at Work: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers,” the document stated that when it comes to LGBT pride, employees were ordered: “DON’T remain silent. Silence will be interpreted as disapproval.”

The document also recommends managers, “Attend LGBT events sponsored by DOJ Pride and/or the Department, and invite (but don’t require) others to join you,” and, “Display a symbol in your office (DOJ Pride sticker, copy of this brochure, etc.) indicating that it is a ‘safe space.’”

Not defending Christians

In October 2013 WND covered a speech by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., in which he warned, “there is a worldwide war on Christianity,” but, “The president tries to gloss over who’s attacking and killing Christians.”

The senator cited a list of atrocities around the world by radical Islamists, including those in Syria, where “Islamic rebels have filmed beheadings of their captives.”

“They’ve filmed themselves eating the heart of their enemy. Two Christian bishops have been kidnapped, and one priest was recently killed. These rebels are allies of the Islāmic rebels that President Obama is now arming.”

“We are now arming Islāmic rebels who are allied with al-Qaeda that attacked us on 9/11. Does that make any sense at all?” he concluded.

Rep. Trent Franks, R-Ariz., expressed the sentiments of many Obama critics who charge he has done little to prevent or stop the widespread martyrdom of Christians in Islāmic lands, including Iraq and Syria.

Pointing out the extreme dangers Christians face worldwide, in September 2014, Franks said Obama administration officials “only respond when the politics become so antithetical to them that they have to.”

“I have been extremely critical of president Obama and it’s primarily for that reason. It seemed like whenever there’s suffering of the innocent, whether it’s the unborn at the hands of [abortionist] Kermit Gosnell, innocent people at the hands of [Syrian president] Bashar Assad or innocent Coptic Christians in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, or innocent Christians at the hands of ISIS in Iraq,” he said.

In August 2013, hundreds of Coptic Christians in Nashville, Tennessee, took to the streets to call out Obama after members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the radical Islāmic group that temporarily seized power in Egypt and was backed by the administration, burned scores of Coptic Christian churches, schools and businesses.

Protesters chanted, “Obama, Obama, don’t you care? Christian blood is everywhere.”

In May 2012, WND reported an Obama administration official claimed the ongoing Muslim destruction of churches and slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, including many murdered during worship services, was the result of tribal disputes over land, not a religious conflict.

A U.S. aide agency was tasked with analyzing the “true” causes of the conflict.

Scriptural confusion

Obama, who professes to be a Christian, has expressed many fundamental beliefs which most Christians likely would find flabbergasting, and would disagree.

He’s not sure there is an afterlife, or a heaven or hell. He has confessed he is not “sure what happens when we die.”


Michelangelo’s “Last Judgment”
Before campaigning for president, Obama expressed doubts about the inerrancy of Scripture.

In a 2006 “Call to Renewal” keynote address in Washington, he said: “Even those who claim the Bible’s inerrancy make distinctions between scriptural edicts – sensing that some passages are central to Christian faith, while others are more culturally specific and may be modified to accommodate modern life.”

In his memoir, “Audacity of Hope,” Obama said he believed in the evolution of man from primates and did not believe, “as many evangelicals do,” that the Bible is without error.

Essentially calling most Catholics hypocrites, Obama accused Christians of routinely modifying their doctrinal beliefs for personal or political reasons, “Which is why the majority of Catholics practice birth control.”

He added that he viewed the biblical condemnation of homosexuality as confined to “an obscure line in Romans.”

In a 2004 Chicago Sun-Times interview, Obama said:

“I am a Christian. I’m rooted in the Christian tradition. I believe that there are many paths to the same place, and that is a belief that there is a higher power, a belief that we are connected as a people. That there are values that transcend race or culture, that move us forward, and there’s an obligation for all of us individually as well as collectively to take responsibility to make those values lived.”

WND CEO Joseph Farah wondered in his column in October 2008, “Many paths to the same place?”

“This is the antithesis of what Jesus reveals in Scripture, for example, in John 14:6: ‘Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.’”

Farah also noted, “Obama says he prays regularly. But look how he describes that process: ‘It’s not formal, me getting on my knees. I think I have an ongoing conversation with God. … I’m constantly asking myself questions about what I’m doing, why I am doing it. The biggest challenge, I think, is always maintaining your moral compass.’”

“So whom,” Farah asked, “is he talking to in these conversations? He’s talking to himself! He’s talking to his under-developed conscience – the one that told him it was the right thing to do to prevent doctors and nurses from offering life-saving support to babies born alive after botched abortions.”

As for the afterlife, Farah also observed that Obama “suggests his eternal destination has something to do with being a ‘good father’ to his children and transferring values he got from his atheist mother,” before concluding Obama “doesn’t have a clue as to what it means to be a Christian.”

Obama’s true faith?

Obama himself has often sparked questions about his true faith.
During his first presidential campaign he referred to his “Muslim faith” and continued to speak until an interviewer interjected, “Christian faith.”

“My Christian faith,” Obama repeated before continuing.

In February 2012, Rev. Franklin Graham revealed that President Obama confided to him and his father, Billy, during a recent visit to North Carolina: “I don’t go to church.”

“I have no idea what he really believes,” Graham said during an appearance on MSNBC.

The following is a 2007 Obama campaign flyer that describes the future president as a “committed Christian” who believes in the “power of prayer”:



Leftist Bill Maher, host of HBO’s “Real Time,” doubted Obama is a practicing Christian.

“I just don’t believe it,” he said in 2012.

Maher suspects the president is an atheist.

Former GOP presidential contender Rick Santorum said Obama follows a “phony theology” not based on the Bible, but preached by radicals at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago where he attended services for 20 years and listened to the sermons of the extreme leftist Rev. Jeremy Wright, the president’s former pastor.

Obama said the title of his 2006 memoir, “The Audacity of Hope,” was inspired by one of Wright’s sermons.

Shortly after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, Wright declared “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

Wright also sermonized, “God damn America — that’s in the Bible — for killing innocent people. God damn America, for treating our citizens as less than human.”

Obama has long denied he was ever a Muslim.

But as WND reported, public records in Indonesia listed Obama as a Muslim during his early years, and a number of childhood friends told the media the future president was once a mosque-attending Muslim.

A Los Angeles Times report quoted a childhood friend stating Obama prayed in a mosque – something the then-presidential candidate said he never did. Obama’s campaign released a statement explaining the senator had never been a “practicing Muslim.”

Widely distributed reports noted that in January 1968, Obama was registered as a Muslim at Jakarta’s Roman Catholic Franciscus Assisi Primary School under the name Barry Soetoro. He was listed as an Indonesian citizen whose stepfather, listed on school documents as “L Soetoro Ma,” worked for the topography department of the Indonesian Army.


Then-Sen. Obama during a visit to Kenya in 2006
After attending the Assisi Primary School, Obama was enrolled – also as a Muslim, according to documents – in the Besuki Primary School, a public school in Jakarta.

The Loatze blog, run by an American expatriate in Southeast Asia who visited the Besuki school, noted: “All Indonesian students are required to study religion at school, and a young ‘Barry Soetoro,’ being a Muslim, would have been required to study Islam daily in school.”

“He would have been taught to read and write Arabic, to recite his prayers properly, to read and recite from the Quran and to study the laws of Islam.”

Indeed, in his autobiography, “Dreams From My Father,” Obama acknowledged studying the Quran and described the public school as “a Muslim school.”

“In the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell mother I made faces during Quranic studies,” wrote Obama.

The Los Angeles Times, which sent a reporter to Jakarta, quoted Zulfin Adi, who identified himself as among Obama’s closest childhood friends, stating the presidential candidate prayed in a mosque, something Obama’s campaign claimed he never did.

In a free-ranging interview with the New York Times, Obama described the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

The Times’ Nicholos Kristof wrote Obama recited, “with a first-class [Arabic] accent,” the opening lines of the Muslim call to prayer.

The first few lines of the call to prayer state:

Allah is Supreme!
Allah is Supreme!
Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!
I witness that there is no god but Allah
I witness that there is no god but Allah
I witness that Muhammad is his prophet …

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