How to Get Involved

The enemy is very creative. They use OUR freedoms, OUR money and resources against us. The 9/11 terrorists came across our borders, trained to fly in our schools, received assistance from sympathizers living in our country, and used our planes filled with our fuel to kill our citizens. We must be equally creative and efficient with our money, time and resources if we are to overcome the threat of Global Jihad.



  • Read the ACT! Palm Springs Chapter Leader’s message and Brigitte Gabriel’s message.
  • If you are in the Palm Springs area, register for membership in our “Contact Us” page.
  • If you live outside of the Palm Springs area, register with your local chapter.


You need to educate YOURSELF before you can educate others.

  • Acquaint yourself with our constantly updated Resources page.
  • Join our local action committees. You will find details within the ACT! Yahoo Group when you have been approved for membership.


Spread the word – To your friends, relatives, co-workers, organizations, the media, and political representatives!


  • Put on your activist hat. Don’t wait for others to make a difference!
  • Participate in our Yahoo Group.
  • Keep tabs on terrorist activities locally, nationally and internationally. Remember, what is happening in Europe today will be in your neighborhood tomorrow!
  • Participate in our Yahoo Group.
  • Be aware of creeping Cultural Jihad.


Our enemy has very deep pockets. Money that American citizens spend on gasoline and illicit drugs often finds its way into the coffers of radical Islāmic groups and is used against us. If we really want to make a difference, we must be willing to reach into our pockets and support organizations like ACT! for America.

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