THIS is Our Enemy

In this DVD you will hear a young lady asking a question. In her question she refers to MSA. MSA stands for Muslim Student Association. Nearly every major U.S. University has a chapter of the MSA.

If you have had doubts exactly where  many “Moderate” Muslims stand on terrorism, you must do yourself a huge service and watch, and listen, to this video of a live exchange between Dr. David Horowitz and a “Moderate Muslim” student at the  University of  California in  San Diego. Listen to her answer when he finally forces her at the end to answer his question as to whether or not she supports terrorism. Then do this nation a huge service and pass this on to everyone on your email address list, urging them to do the same.  THE ALARM CLOCK IS RINGING!!!!.

This university student is not an isolated individual. She is one of thousands in our colleges and universities who are members of MSA on campuses across America. Do you have the courage to find out who they are and what their real agenda is. If you need assistance in finding instructive material, I will be happy to help.

Let me be clear, not all Muslim students are radicals and members of the MSA, but many have become radicalized seeking to destroy the very free expression of thought that provides them the freedom to express their views.  In many of our universities there are innocent Muslim students today that become radical terrorist tomorrow.


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